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Shanghai Jianye Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

Jianye company adheres to the service tenet of "quick response, smooth communication, accurate answers, and reasonable and thoughtful". After receiving customer demands, we will contact them as soon as possible to understand their detail requirements, material composition, and and relevant information such as working sites, helping them analyze and solve problems

Consulting customer service

24-Hour Hotline

+86 21 50325126

Satisfy customers and increase the value for them

We firmly adhere to the service concept of "customer first", and strive to meet the needs of our customers. We will do our best to satisfy you with our sincerity and dedication!

Online messageHelp you quickly start production and generate revenue

>Where can I buy reliable equipment? We strongly recommend the Jianye Heavy Industry. You can leave an online message to make an appointment to visit and inspect the factory!

  • Free access to environmental policy analysis, factory procedures, and investment income analysis materials
  • Special car pick-up and drop off, engineers will provide you with a free "customized" matching solution
  • Free appointment for factory inspection and visiting customer sites nearby
7*24-Hour Hotline+86-21-50325126

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