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Jianye products · creating the future by ingenuity

Big maning equipments manufacturer, creating exclusive solutions

1-to-1 service,worry-free procurement

Dedicated project manager services you throughout the whole process, helping you solving all the things

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Customer cases · Focus on the customer production sites of Jianye Heavy Industry

Customer case front line, we configure fine design for each user
  1. Crushing site
  2. Sand making size
  3. Grinding site

Buy sand and gravel equipment · choose Jianye

Choose a company that "gets you" and realize your desire for wealth

  • Crushing and vibrating
  • Sand making equipment

Craftsmanship · details determine quality

Combined with modern science, creating a worry-free quality

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    Integrating production,research and sales
    Complete scientific quality management system

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    Scheme design is guaranteed
    We just want to give you a better product
    using experience

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    Factory direct supply
    Cut out the middleman, giving more profits
    to customers

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    Providing solution in 3 hours
    Be on site in 12 hours

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    Skilled in a variety of manufacturing processes
    Tailor-made solutions for customers

  1. Profound strength
  2. Customization as your requirements
  3. Factory direct sales, better prices
  4. Professional after-sales, whether rains or not
  5. Full service
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Jianye reputation

20 years of integrity enterprise, the choice of high-quality enterprises in the country

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    Environmental examination

    All equipments have been environmentally upgraded, starting from dust. noise and other pollution sources, overcoming environmental problems

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    Do you have your own factory?

    Headquartered in Shanghai, owning a variety of large and medium-sized gold processing, riveting, assembly equipments,welcome to visit our company at any time!

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    Is there any after sale guarantee?

    Signing after-sales service agreement, providing installation,commissioning, training and maintenance and other service

Transfering knowledge and focusing news

Learn industry information and get technical support

  • Production line
  • Sand making
  • Mineral processingd

Service support


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Tailor-made solutions for customers

—— 20 years of focus on mining machinery and equipment ——



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