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What are the types of mobile crusher? How to choose on demand

Release time:2024-06-21


Mobile crusher is a one-stop crushing equipment for stone crushing with flexibility and mobility, which is one of the indispensable equipments for modern construction, and is widely used in mines, construction sites, road construction and other fields.


1695865139395308.pngWhat are the types of mobile crusher?

According to different working requirements and characteristics of crushed materials, mobile crusher can be divided into the following types:

Mobile Jaw Crusher: mainly used for primary crushing of stone materials, suitable for harder stone materials, output range 10-2200 tonnes per hour.

Mobile Impact Crusher: It is suitable for medium hardness stone materials, and can realise fine crushing, sand making and multi-stage crushing and shaping.

Mobile Cone Crusher: It is suitable for medium hardness and hardness stone materials, with high production capacity and crushing efficiency, mainly used for medium crushing of materials, producing 12/13 and other types of stones.

Mobile Screening Plant: It is mainly used for screening and grading, and can be used together with the above crusher to achieve pretreatment and fine separation of stone materials.

1695865139395308.pngHow to choose a mobile crusher?

When choosing a mobile crusher, you need to consider the following factors:

Hardness and toughness of crushed materials: according to the hardness and toughness of the required crushed materials, choose the suitable crusher model.

Production capacity and discharge size requirements: according to the production capacity and the required discharge size requirements, select the suitable model and configuration.

Flexibility and mobility of mobile crusher: according to the actual construction needs and operating site conditions, choose the equipment with good flexibility and mobility.

Energy consumption and maintenance cost: Consider the energy consumption level and maintenance cost of the equipment, and choose the equipment that can meet the economic efficiency and sustainable development.

In conclusion, when choosing a mobile crusher, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the characteristics of the materials to be crushed, operational requirements, mobility and economic efficiency and other factors, combined with the actual situation on the site to make a choice. It is recommended to seek advice and guidance from professional engineers or equipment suppliers during the selection process to ensure that the right equipment is selected and better operating results are obtained.

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