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Solid waste coal gangue turns waste into treasure and can be used for environmentally friendly sand production.

Release time:2024-05-22


1695865139395308.pngOverview of coal gangue

Coal gangue is a solid waste discharged during coal mining and washing processes. It is a black gray rock with lower coal content and harder than coal. In recent years, the stock of coal gangue in China has reached as high as 1000Mt, and it is still being continuously discharged every year, with an emission amount of about 100Mt. The large amount of accumulated coal gangue not only occupies land resources, but also seriously pollutes the environment and may even cause natural fires, so it is urgent to deal with solid waste coal gangue.


1695865139395308.pngThe application of waste coal gangue

After being processed into sand, abandoned coal gangue can be used as sand and gravel aggregates in the infrastructure industry. In today's world where sand is scarce, the production of sand from solid waste coal gangue has received a lot of attention.

1695865139395308.pngFeasibility of using coal gangue to produce sand

For coal gangue sand production, many users may have a question in their hearts: can the sand produced from coal gangue meet the requirements of building sand? The answer is completely possible. From the perspective of coal gangue itself, it is a brittle material that is easy to break and process. Its hardness value is around 3, and its compressive strength range is between 300-4700Pa. Long term production practice has shown that as long as the coal gangue is not excessively weathered, it can be crushed to produce sand. After being processed by professional sand making equipment, the finished product of coal gangue has uniform particles, good compression resistance and permeability, strong adhesion, and its mineral and chemical composition are basically consistent with commonly used mechanism sand. After sand making, it fully complies with the standard of GB/T 14684-2011 Building Sand and can be used to produce building materials such as coal gangue cement, coal gangue bricks, and lightweight concrete aggregates.


1695865139395308.pngCoal gangue sand making equipment

To make sand from coal gangue more in line with sand standards and with better particle size, coal gangue sand making equipment is indispensable. There are two types of coal gangue sand production lines: fixed and mobile, and the main equipment used is as follows:

1. Fixed coal gangue sand making equipment

Fixed sand making equipment configuration: vibrating feeder+jaw crusher+impact crusher+sand making machine+vibrating screen+belt conveyor. Jaw crusher: mainly used for preliminary crushing; Counterattack crusher: used for further medium and fine crushing processing; Sand making machine: performs sand making and shaping; Vibration screen: screen the finished product; Belt conveyor: conveying materials.

Production process: The vibrating feeder continuously and uniformly feeds large pieces of abandoned coal gangue to the jaw crusher. The jaw crusher processes the coal gangue to a height of more than ten centimeters before discharging it outside the machine. Then, the conveyor sends it to the counter crusher for intermediate and fine crushing processing. After the secondary crushing is completed, it is discharged outside the counter crusher. The vibrating screen is used for screening and processing. If the particle size does not meet the requirements, it will be returned and crushed again. If it meets the requirements, it will be sent to the sand making machine for sand shaping, which can make the finished product particle shape more beautiful. The particle size of the finished product can be controlled below 5mm. Advantages: Fixed production lines are relatively more stable and have a larger output.


2. Mobile coal gangue sand making equipment

The mobile coal gangue sand making machine integrates feeding, crushing, screening, conveying and other processes, and one car is a production line. It can be directly driven to the site for crushing without the need for fixed installation of equipment. It can be started with just one click, saving time and effort in work. The later investment cost is low and the cost is fast, making it very suitable for solid waste coal gangue sand making processing.

1695865139395308.pngThe advantages and prospects of sand production

Nowadays, natural sand resources are scarce, and sand and gravel aggregates are scarce. Using waste coal gangue to make sand not only has low production costs, but also solves the problem of a large amount of coal gangue accumulation, alleviates the situation of "difficult to obtain one sand", protects the ecological environment, and receives strong support from the government. So, the way to make sand from solid waste coal gangue is limitless.

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