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Successful completion of 1 million tonnes of high-quality mechanism sand project

Release time:2024-05-23


Recently, the annual output of 1 million tonnes of sand making building project in Henan Province has successfully completed the installation and put into production, marking the project has entered the official production stage. The project is constructed by Shanghai Jianye Heavy Industry Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. and adopts advanced technology and equipment, which has obvious advantages in environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.

It is reported that the sand making building project park covers an area of hundreds of thousands of square metres, including raw material storage area, crushing area, screening area, sand washing area, finished sand storage area and other functional areas. Among them, the crushing area and screening area are the core part of the sand making building project, which is also the key link affecting product quality and production efficiency. For this reason, the project has introduced the leading sand processing equipment in China, which, together with the self-developed control system, realises the automated operation of several processes such as crushing, screening and conveying.

In addition, the project also focuses on environmental protection and energy saving aspects. In the sand making process, through scientific process design and equipment selection, it has achieved effective treatment of waste gas, waste water and noise, and met the relevant standards. Meanwhile, in terms of energy utilisation, the project adopts a number of energy-saving measures, such as circulating air cooling technology and waste heat recovery, which effectively reduces the production cost and impact on the environment.

According to the person in charge of the project, the commissioning of the sand making building project will provide high-quality sand and gravel materials for the local construction, cement and other industries, and will also drive the development of related supporting industries and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the local economy. In the future, the project will continue to optimise the equipment and process flow, continuously improve product quality and production efficiency, and provide customers with better services and products.


1695865139395308.pngEquipment Advantage

Fully enclosed design ---- negative pressure inlet air control dust overflow, in line with environmental standards.

Reasonable process flow ---- equipment with excellent performance, high efficiency and energy saving, large processing capacity.

The three main machines ---- vertical shaft breaker, horizontal screen, powder selector equipment, excellent performance, high efficiency and energy saving, large processing capacity.

The overall structure is designed to be compact ---- occupies a small area and reduces the cost investment.

Full-automatic control system ---- is easy to operate with one key to start and stop. It can be connected to the central control system and monitored by remote computer and mobile phone.

Stable product quality ---- suitable for large-scale industrial production, safe to use and easy to maintain.

1695865139395308.pngMarket Analysis

The mechanism sand market is currently suffering from the problems of insufficient supply and unstable quality, which is mainly due to the traditional sand making process and equipment. And with the continuous progress of technology, new sand making equipment and technology continue to emerge, sand making building has become a new type of high-efficiency, high-quality sand making equipment. Therefore, the project of one million tonnes per year sand making building is in line with the market demand and can meet people's demand for mechanism sand.


1695865139395308.pngProduction Process

The sand making building project adopts advanced sand making technology and selects the process of sand making machine combined with air screening machine to make high-quality mechanism sand from raw materials through crushing, mixing, kneading, moulding and compaction, drying and other processes. During the production process, we adopt PLC control system to monitor and control the production data in real time to ensure that the quality and output of mechanism sand meet the expected requirements.

1695865139395308.pngInvestment Analysis

The investment of the project with an annual output of one million tonnes of sand making building mainly includes equipment purchase cost, construction cost, installation cost and other production and operation costs. According to market research and costing, the project is expected to have a total investment of 50 million yuan. In terms of investment return, the average annual net profit is expected to be 10 million yuan, and the payback period is 4.5 years

1695865139395308.pngEnvironmental Protection

In the project of one million tonnes per year sand making building, we will adopt the closed production process to reduce the pollution of dust and noise. At the same time, we will adopt bag filter and other equipment to collect the dust generated during the production process to reduce the impact on the environment. In terms of wastewater treatment, we will adopt a recycled water use system to reuse wastewater and reduce water consumption. Through the implementation of these measures, this project will greatly reduce the impact on the environment and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

1695865139395308.pngTechnical parameters


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