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Guizhou province cracks down on river sand mining, "blood-sucking" barbaric sand mining has become a thing of the past!

Release time:2024-05-23


China is a big country of sand and gravel resources and also a big country of consumption, with more than 10 billion tonnes of sand and gravel aggregates used for roads, bridges, buildings and other infrastructure projects every year.
The upper reaches of the Yangtze River are rich in sand and gravel resources, and the reservoir silt sand reserves are considerable. Driven by interests, illegal sand mining in the Yangtze River Basin was once very rampant, and the "blood-sucking" savage sand mining has led to some sections of the river facing dangerous situations such as bank failures, which seriously affects the stability of the Yangtze River, flood safety, normal navigation, and damages the water environment.

贵州严打盗采河砂,“吸血式” 野蛮采砂已成过去!

In recent years, the Yangtze River sand mining management system has been improved, forming a mechanism in which the competent water administration department is the main organisation and other departments work together, and the local administrative head's responsibility for local management is constantly being strengthened. "After years of exploration, the "Yangtze River model" has been formed, which is based on the law, the government is responsible for the overall responsibility, the water conservancy is the leading role, and the departments cooperate with each other, and the efficiency of combating and remedying illegal sand mining has been greatly improved."

Recently, the Guizhou Provincial Office of River and Lake Governance issued a programme scheduled for September to October to carry out the 2023 River and Lake Governance Supervision and Joint Law Enforcement Supervision of Rivers and Lakes, which includes cracking down on sand and gravel piracy in the Yangtze River Basin in accordance with the law.
贵州严打盗采河砂,“吸血式” 野蛮采砂已成过去!

The scope of this supervision for Guizhou Province, nine cities (states) and their jurisdictions not less than one-third of the county (city, district), the supervision includes the comprehensive promotion of administrative law enforcement "three systems" situation, the safety protection of rivers and lakes to carry out special law enforcement action, as well as the situation of the Yangtze River Basin in Guizhou Province to combat and rectify the illegal mining of sand, and so on.

Guizhou Province requires:

Crack down on illegal and criminal activities of stealing sand and gravel from the Yangtze River Basin or digging and mining indiscriminately in excess of the scope, deadline and quantity in accordance with the law; crack down on illegal and criminal activities of stealing and illegally selling sand and gravel from the Yangtze River Basin under the disguise of dredging operations, government projects, etc. in accordance with the law; and rectify, in accordance with the law, quarrying areas with loose sand-related management, sand and gravel trading places, and key areas with high and frequent incidence of illegal sand mining.

Source: Qianxinan Natural Resources

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