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How to reduce dust pollution in crusher production line

Release time:2024-06-18


People who have been in contact with the crushing production line industry know that the crushing production site is always dusty and the environment is poor. The dust produced in the crushing process spreads to the air with the airflow, which not only causes serious pollution to the environment, but also harms the health of the staff. Therefore, it is very necessary to reduce the dust pollution of the crusher production line, which is also the responsibility of the enterprise.


So where does all this massive dust come from? One part is carried by the ore itself, and the other part is generated during the ore crushing process. In addition, in the crushing production line, due to the feed hopper, shield, chute and other places to make the material drop, is the most likely to produce dust. Understanding the source of the dust, we can "treat the symptoms".

Usually, the countermeasures to control the dust of the crusher production line are twofold, one is to control the source of dust with the help of external force to avoid its proliferation, and the other is to improve the local structure of the crusher and other equipment. Specific measures are as follows:

1. Installation of water spraying devices, dust suction devices and sealing hoods at the source of dust.

1.1 Choose to set up two water spraying devices at the inlet, outlet and crusher crushing chamber. The two water spray heads at the inlet point to the inlet; the two water spray heads at the outlet form a certain angle relative to each other, so that the sprayed water is in a cross state, in order to achieve better results.

1.2 Install dust-absorbing devices at the discharge opening and the access opening of the crusher equipment. The dust cover of the discharge port should be installed at a distance of about 1000mm from the discharge port, and the plane of the dust cover should be perpendicular to the direction of dust flow; the connection between the dust cover of the access port of the crusher plant and the fan can be designed as a stretchable pipe, which is convenient for refuelling the crusher and daily maintenance.

2. The structure can be modified and optimised in places where the inclined slopes of feed hoppers, guards, chutes, etc. are relatively large.

Specific methods: one is to reduce the chute chute and other inclined angle to reduce the height of the material potential energy difference; the second is to improve the structure of the crusher, the overall size of the equipment remains unchanged in the case of the number of teeth plate teeth to increase the tooth shape of the relatively small.

3. In addition to the above two aspects, irrational process flow and clogging of the screen plate will also lead to an increase in dust. Therefore, we should adopt advanced and environmentally friendly production process and equipment for production as far as possible, and try to adopt closed conveying method in the material conveying process. In addition, we should clean the screen in time to prevent clogging, so that the material can enter the crusher before screening out some of the small particles and dust.

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